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Who we are

Hilltop Survival Equipment is a family-owned retail store established in 2012.  

Our roots began as Sam Surplus Sales, an internet retailer selling genuine US military gear.  Thanks to all the fantastic customers who have supported us, we took the next step and expanded.   As we've grown we've expanded our product line to not only have military surplus, but also survival and preparedness items and trapping supplies.    We are very excited to continue to add to our product line, so check back often and see what we've got.


What we believe

  • That being prepared is important.  Regardless of whether you are preparing for a super storm, an economic collapse, or a pandemic, we each have our own reasons for preparing for the what-ifs.  But the key is, we want to be prepared.

  • Good customer service is the backbone of a successful company. No matter the business you're in, taking good care of your customers is just good business.

  • That an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Eat healthy.

  • Doing what you love is the key to happiness.  This is why we opened Hilltop Survival Equipment.  We love what we do!

  • Our service men and women deserve our admiration and support.  We are veteran-owned and proud of it.

  • If you build it, they will come.  If it worked for Kevin Costner, it should work for us.

  • That you don't need to be the biggest kid on the block to be the best.  Just offer quality items and quality service.



Our Mission

Our goal is to offer quality gear for both emergency situations and for everyday use at a fair price.



Authorized Dealer

We're proud to represent the following brands and companies in our store!


Mountain House           Duke Traps

LifeStraw         Dietz Lanterns




Dakota Line                 Cumberland's Northwest Trappers Supply       MagStorage Solutions  

Blue Ridge Knives                      







Our owners are members of
the National Trappers Association